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Many BBC hours from Prestige.....

Many many hours of British TV have been recorded by our cameras. Mostly shows for BBC1 and BBC2 but also we have shot and lit for Channel 4, Sky and ITV. 

The BBC are very difficult to obtain master quality material from - even when your crew shot the programme, so apologies for the lower picture quality of these BBC programme clips. Worth seeing though!

John Craven on a Shoot
One of the Prestige Cameras
TV video camera

Once upon a time we produced films on 16mm celluloid........ times moved on. Then we started to shoot on 16mm film and edit on videotape. Video cameras improved and improved until recently "large format" sensors were introduced finally allowing the cameraman to have full control over his image. Videotape has gone too and we now shoot onto removable hard drives stored in the camera. This gives us a high quality 'broadcast standard' recording format.

From our Oxfordshire base, we travel up and down the country and around the world shooting for the world's biggest broadcasters and some of Hollywood's great film companies.   Our good friend and client since 1989, LEG productions in Los Angeles asked us to travel to Leith in Scotland to shoot an

interview with JK Rowling when her third Harry Potter book was topping the best seller list. We drove to West Sussex several times to shoot Paul & Linda. Hamburg in Germany was where Paul opened his art exhibition and we were there with the McCartneys to record this too.

Many Hollywood studios come to London's AIR Studios to record the scores for their animated movies. We have been there on many occasions to record the moment. Disney contracted Judi Dench to voice a character for their 45th animated movie in a West End studio....we were there...... as we also were with French & Saunders and Brenda Blethyn, Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Bean and Jim Broadbent and Richard E Grant and Liam Neeson.

Take a look at some of our work:

Northern Lights off the coast of Arctic Norway
Bishop of Birmingham
Cornwall sunrise
Smethwick Gurdwara
Swiss Alpine Road

Prestige Pictures can combine high quality creative stills and digital cinematography with production expertise borne out of many years at the sharp end of film-making.

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