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Drone FAQ

Is drone flying safe?


What is VLOS (visual line of sight)?

Who has the responsibilty for organising liability insurance?

I have a friend who has offered to fly his drone and shoot my company HQ. Can I legally use him instead of hiring a qualified pilot?  He's very good.

Are there any situations where you would not be able to fly at my location?

How far away can you fly?

How high can you fly?

Can you fly over groups of people?


How far can you zoom in on your lens?

Do you think a larger or a smaller drone will be best for my shoot?

I've heard the term 'Quadcopter' used. What does it mean?

What is a UAV?

Can you fly in poor weather?

How much control does the pilot have over the camera?

Can you fly indoors?

How many crew might be on my shoot?

We may need a video shot with the camera circling our performer on horseback? Can you do a shot like this?

What would happen if we have to cancel our shoot? Would our deposit be refunded?

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Drone Enquiry

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