Aerial Cinematography & Stills  

Aerial photo of Swiss Mountain and waterfall

Why trust us with your aerial shoot?

  • We have camera skills developed through years of experience while shooting for quality TV programmes like BBC1's Countryfile
  • We are CAA licensed (PfCO) to fly from 50m-120m height in most situations (large drones over 7kg are restricted to being much higher - 150m away)
CAA Licence,
  • We have no CAA minimum height restrictions when shooting people, vehicles or property 'under our control'
  • Our Pilot was trained to ICARUS level by leading UAV trainer Aerial Motion Pictures
  • We can shoot indoors with no restriction
  • Our rates are kept low because our pilot also operates the camera - one man operation. Please decide if our showreel shooting would suit your needs - this was all shot with our one-man drone
  • We are committed to safe flying with consideration to people and property below
  • We do not knowingly disturb wildlife or livestock
  • We have full liability insurance as required by the CAA - Coverdrone

   How good is our Equipment?

Aerial Shooting
  • We can shoot for around 24 minutes before needing to land and change battery
  • Our craft has a 1" CMOS sensor camera which records in 2K (High Definition) and 4K or UHD 4K 
  • The camera shoots at 20 megapixels
  • We always fly with the Return to Home failsafe operating which means the craft will automatically return to the launch point in case of a signal failure or low battery 
  • The Phantom 4 pro is made by DJI who are world leaders in Drone development

What to expect on a Shoot?

Drone filming flight
  • The Prestige Pictures pilot in command is in control of every aspect of the flight
  • The Prestige Pictures pilot in command is in control of every aspect of the flying area
  • The PIC (pilot in command) will make the final decision about what shots can be achieved and what cannot 
  • The images and footage are recorded onto a micro SD card that is mounted in the craft itself
  • A proxy recording is made via the transmission link and remote controller for monitoring purpose only
  • The output of the camera can be seen on our monitor at all times
  • No drone can fly in wet or very windy conditions - we check all available aviation weather forecasts beforehand as part of our pre flight research and on the day use a anemometer
  • The anemometer can only measure wind speed on the ground, so the pilot may sometimes have to halt the shoot due to higher than expected wind when at altitude

What happens before
the Shoot?

Pre flight checks
  • We will discuss with the client exactly what their aims and expectations are for the shoot
  • We will carry out a pre flight survey on your proposed location - we have to check for flying restrictions in that area and also look at NOTAMS which are issued on a daily basis to alert airmen of potential hazards in that area
  • We will identify potential takeoff and the alternative landing points from maps and contact landowners for permission where necessary
  • We will complete a full risk assessment
  • We will take any technical details necessary in order to match our recording spec to your own existing footage
  • The client will make a 25% down payment and agree terms for the final payment

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